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House Painting


Exterior painting contractor for Spokane and surrounding communities

When it comes to painting the exterior of your house, you shouldn't trust just anyone with a ladder and a paint roller. Fast Line Contracting specializes in painting home exteriors in and around Spokane. 

When considering Fast Line Contracting for your home, here's what you can expect: 

  1. We'll give you free, no obligation quote. We'll visit your home in-person to get an honest an accurate estimation of what the job requires

  2. We will prepare your home's exterior to ensure the best quality paint job. Often the most time consuming part of an exterior paint job is in the preparation. Old exterior walls need to be washed, prepped and caulked. Windows need to be masked, and landscaping needs to be protected. 

  3. We use only the finest quality paint products. The final step to a high quality exterior paint job is the the paint itself. We don't skimp or cut corners. We use the best paint and coatings on the market for our harsh climate.

  4. We get it right, and then we clean it up! Our promise to you is that we'll finish what we started. And once we're done painting, we'll clean it up so you can't even tell we were there.

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